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The success of Segis is based on a solid philosophy of enterprise, which inspires all stages of the production. It is a strategy that can be summarised by four key factors, rather like points like the four points of a compass which orientate the activity of this dynamic company.
-The constant research for quality excellence;
- The use of eco-compatible materials and technologies;
- The industrialization of manufacturing processes to increase competitiveness;
- The involvement of the employees in the companies challenges, helped by the creation of an ergonomic, safe, pleasant and dynamic work environment.

Segis has been able to build a solid and efficient task force, a team where the different technical, productive and creative skills melt into a rich and original synergy, thanks to significant consulting collaborations such as the one linking Carlo Bartoli and Segis since the early ‘90s.

The reliability achieved by Segis products are regularly confirmed by strict laboratory tests, performed in-house as well as by prestigious independent institutes and planned product life-cycles. A care which later extends to include a complete and effective after-sale service.

Segis is equipped with technologically advanced plants, allowing a particular quality control, confirmed by the ISO 9001 international certification, obtained in 1997. Special attention has been paid to the environmental impact of production, the company works according to the ISO 14001 standards, being officially certified since 2001. Evidence of this commitment is the “state of the art” powder coating line that has recently been installed. This plant recycles almost all the water and powders used in the coating process. The end result is virtually zero emission.

A recent evaluation by the EU performed on a select group of leading European Companies confirmed Segis as one of the very best in Europe in the field of workplace ergonomics. Prestigious awards for an attitude Segis has maintained from the birth of the Company. An attitude that has now been passed onto Delight and Multipla, the two younger companies of the group.
Awards which prove that principles are rewarded to those who hold to them and even more to those that practice them.

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Loc. Fosci - Via Umbria, 14
53036, Poggibonsi (SI)
Phone: +39 0577 98 03 33
Fax: +39 0577 93 80 90
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