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sdr+ will change.

Someone leaves but many things stay the same: the standard, the mindset, the vision...
We have an open mind about this change and we are looking forward to the future. We have collected many experiences since 1995. Because of this we will still produce furniture which suits to our standard, our mindset and our vision. What do we expect from our furniture? There are many different answers to this question. But even many opinions which are the same. Addition is a good keyword. Furnishings increase over time. Things will be added permanently and this is of course not only furniture. These are objects for everyday commodities, objects we don’t need but which we like to have. Important things and unimportant ones. Pretty things and trivial ones. The human being is in the centre of all these things and stories because everything has to do with him. Wouldn’t it be nice if some subjects would take back themselves so that others will attract more attention? Is there a kind of basic principle on which we can build up? We like to produce this kind of furniture: the base. Furniture which appearance leaves space for other things. Because our furniture always gets there where something exists and they should not eliminate but integrate themselves. To exist as a basis there should be many possibilities. But even then it must not always suit. Because we know that we can adapt our furniture: to dimensions, to colours, to wishes. Following the fashion is foreign to us. We talk about validity.

Productos por grupo: Mesas Almacenamiento Homeoffice / oficina Archivo Mobiliario de dirección Conferencia / reunión Gastronomía Mobiliario de biblioteca Accesorios de hogar / oficina
Diseñador: Thomas Merkel
S+ Systemmöbel GmbH
Hohenstaufenring 57a
50674, Köln
Phone: +49 221 92 39 2626
Fax: +49 221 92 39 2629
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