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The professionalism, skills and experience of the 75 people working within the Company. A pool of small artisan workshops that relate to RIVA for many specialist activities and the supply of materials. Working with 18 internationally renowned architects and designers with whose collaboration our products have been developed. A network of 56 sales agencies in various parts of the world, at the forefront of spreading the word about our products.

anniversary: 1920 – 2010
90 years and three generations (the fourth generation is already playing a part in running the Company) have passed since RIVA, a small craft workshop manufacturing bespoke furniture, started its adventure in the world of design. Today RIVA 1920 is all that you have seen leafing through the pages of this guide. But this is not the end of the journey, rather an accumulation of experience that is indispensable for the future. With gratitude we would like to acknowledge the part played by all our Customers, our collaborators, suppliers, designers and the media that have worked and continue to work alongside us in our enterprise.

Riva 1920: our principles
- Communicate clearly to Customers what it is that we produce and sell.
- Guarantee the Customer transparency and clarity regarding the materials used.
- Safeguard and hand on the craft traditions of those who have gone before us.
- Produce without waste.
- Make a rational use of the raw materials nature puts at our disposal.
- Protect the environment throughout the productive cycle.
- Guarantee all our products are Made in Italy.
- Bring to life the ideas transmitted to us by great designers.
- Give the Customer a service that is totally flexible.
- Ensure we always offer the best value for money.

Our furniture is made exclusively using wood from sustainably managed forests, in a spirit of respect for nature and in line with both local and international laws and organizations.

Productos por grupo: Asientos Muebles relax Mesas Almacenamiento Complementos Mobiliario multimedia Muebles de dormitorio / camas Homeoffice / oficina Guardarropas / vestíbulos Cuarto de niños Mobliario para lavadero Sillas de oficina Mesas de oficina Archivo Mobiliario de dirección Conferencia / reunión Zona de espera / lounge Multimedia Sillas de colectividad Multiuso Gastronomía Mobiliario de biblioteca Mobiliario para guardería Asientos de jardín Mesas de jardín Lounge de jardín Lámparas de sobremesa Lámparas de pie Lámparas de techo / plafón Iluminación de oficina Iluminación LED Muebles de baño Componentes de cocina Equipamiento de cocina Electrodomésticos Muebles de cocina Accesorios de hogar / oficina Revestimientos de pared Mobiliario urbano
Diseñador: Marco Acerbis Mattia Albicini Alberto Alcamisi Riccardo Arbizzoni Monica Armani Dodo Arslan Giovanna Azzarello Michela Baldessari Paolo Baldessari Francesco Barbi Bartoli Design Claudio Bellini Sergio Bizzarro Efrem Bonacina Gian Giacomo Borin Lia Bosch Mario Botta Guido Bottazzo Andrea Branzi Claudia Caponnetto Gabriele Cappelletti Giuliano Cappelletti Luisa Castiglioni Andrea Castrignano Pierluigi Cerri David Chipperfield Aldo Cibic Carlo Colombo Valerio Cometti CR&S Riva 1920 Michele De Lucchi Luciana Di Virgilio David Lorenzo Dolcini Gabriela Dupeyron Jamie Durie Terry Dwan Patricia Ferro Erasmo Figini Elio Fiorucci John Ford Alessia Galimberti Roberto Giacomucci Ruggero Giuliani Anders Grandell Stefano Gritti Alessandro Guidolin Thomas Herzog Mathias Hoffmann Setsu & Shinobu ITO Tom Kelley Tom Kelley Piero Lissoni Gualtiero Marchesi Enzo Mari Luca Martorano Alessandro Mendini Angela Missoni Giovanni Moro Aleksandr Mukomelov Elena Mukomelov Paola Navone Brodie Neill Franco Origoni Matteo Origoni Fabio Passon Jake Phipps Matteo Piano Renzo Piano Pininfarina Paolo Piva Flavio Quarenghi Karim Rashid Omri Revesz Isabelle Rigal Davide Riva Maurizio Riva Sofia Rollo Maria Saadeh Marc Sadler Marco Savorgnani Luca Scacchetti Antonella Scarpitta Karsten Schmidt-Hoehensdorf Pinuccio Sciola Elena Soloni Aldo Spinelli Philippe Starck Studio AMeBE Studio Balutto Studio Balutto Associati Studio Bartoli Matteo Thun V12 Design Gianni Veneziano Veneziano+Team Benno Vinatzer Luca Violato Helidon Xhixha Marco Zanuso jr.
Riva 1920 Industria Mobili SpA
Via Milano 137
22063, Cantu (Como)
Phone: +39 031 733094
Fax: +39 031 733413
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