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Raum B Architektur Mobiliario de hogar Mobiliario de oficina / hostelería
Since 2005, Raum B has been designing architecture and creating interior design projects for various clients: including airlines, airports, boarding schools, schools and private customers.

We always give priority to our clients’ special requirements and requests, for which Raum B provides attractive and unerring solutions using customised concepts.

Since 2012, Raum B has gone one step further: while the company has to date only developed furniture for particular projects, it is now also developing new furniture independently of specific projects. The first piece in the new line is the multifunctional sofa ‘Sophie’. More furniture to follow in 2013.

Productos por grupo: Asientos Muebles de dormitorio / camas Zona de espera / lounge
Diseñador: Daniela Saxer
Raum B Architektur
Friesenbergstrasse 40
8055, Zürich
Phone: +41 43 960 08 74