PIURIC Mobiliario de hogar Mobiliario de oficina / hostelería
PIURIC is pure Swiss Made.

PIURIC stands for a pure, clear and timeless form.

PIURIC stands for the design and realisation of furniture with its unique character.

'good design is conspicuously unobtrusive'

Design an development for us means simplifying, the reduction to the essential without affecting function, striving for pure and simple shapes with the aim to create timeless and classic furniture.

We attach great value to quality, high-grade materials and perfect workmanship to the finest detail. We don't do industrial mass production. All furniture is handmade in our ateliers in Zurich, produced in small series or tailormade. This enables us to respond to individual customer needs and create distinctive furniture with a personal touch.

Productos por grupo: Asientos Muebles relax Mesas Muebles de dormitorio / camas Zona de espera / lounge
Diseñador: Jürg Ammann
PIURIC Contemporary Interiors
Walchestr. 34
8006, Zürich
Phone: +41 44 362 42 00
Fax: +41 44 362 42 09