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Why we are devoted to surfaces.
We have been one of the leading specialists for creative space concepts for many years. From bathroom to kitchen, from shop to counter construction, from private to public environments and from individual products to large-scale projects: we develop and produce objects fashioned from a wide range of innovatively combined materials. We employ the latest materials such as Corian®, Zodiaq®, Richlite® and Zenolite® which – when combined with ceramics, wood, steel and glass – create countless new and fascinating shapes, forms and surfaces. We are particularly well known for our extreme competence with materials, our intense engagement and our dedication to the ultimate in precision and quality.

We get excited about even the smallest challenge. The wonderful thing about our profession is the variety of the tasks and challenges our customers bring. And the advantage of a family business size of ours is the freedom we have to respond to the precise wishes of our customers. From the realisation of a creative design concept in an initial, representative piece to the mass production of standardised products. We have the facilities to bend, press, or cut almost any shape or form.

Our quality is even where you can’t see it. A product only leaves our company when it’s perfect to the precise millimetre and in every corner. Products manufactered by us are found in many areas of everyday life: Bathrooms_Kitchens_Spa facilities_Hotels_Restaurants_Health-care establishments_Shopfitting_Technology_Design_Airports_Public access areas.

The key to success: proximity to our customers. Does anyone know where Asslar is? You are not alone, not many of our customers know it either. That’s why we don’t expect customers to cm to us (even though Asslar is well worth a visit!). We are quite simply where our customers need us. You can find our specialists and consultants throughout Europe. Shortest paths for our customers and face-to-face exchanges in the essential phases of our work together are extremely important for us. And they lay the very best foundations for a relationship of mutual trust between our customers and us.

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