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The Nimbus Group is an internationally oriented company, whose success story began 25 years ago in Stuttgart. Today, with its two established brands, Nimbus and Rosso, the group is considered a leading innovator, especially in the field of LED interior lighting.

Their experience in LED lighting solutions in projects is outstanding. Since 2006, the company has realised over 7000 projects, including large- scale orders such as the recently completed ADAC headquarters in Munich and the Unilever headquarters in Hamburg‘s Hafencity. Company founder and CEO Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl is in no doubt: „Our clients have always been convinced by our innovative and sustainable lighting concepts. We have succeeded in finding totally novel and individual solutions in all of our projects.“

In 2011 the Nimbus Group launched a remarkable advertising campaign in the trade press entitled ”Nimbus Originals“. The aim of the campaign, in whose advertising motifs Nimbus employees take a committed or even provocative stand against plagiarism: to sensitise people towards the outstanding quality and originality of Nimbus luminaires. Nimbus Group products captivate with their innovative technology, high-class quality and their significant, minimalistic design – all these aspects have gone into making Nimbus and Rosso two strong brands, which more and more people, both professional and private users alike, are coming to appreciate.

A competent team of industrial designers and engineers works hand in hand with lighting and acoustics specialists. This extensive expertise, which is channelled into the entire production process, coupled with an intensive and direct involvement with architecture, leads to design solutions at the highest possible aesthetic level. At its location in Feuerbach in Stuttgart, the Nimbus Group employs 150 people in development, design, sales, production and logistics. Its location in Stuttgart means a great deal to the company. For example, the Nimbus Group has supported regional children‘s, youth and education projects for many years now. Moreover, all the company‘s activities – such as product development, design, production, sales and logistics – are concentrated at its location in Stuttgart and over 90% of its suppliers are situated within a radius of 200km.

What is more, ecological responsibility is apparent wherever one looks within Nimbus: as part of a collaboration project with Mercedes Benz and EnBW, the Nimbus Group delivery vehicles are currently being converted to zero-emission electric vehicles. As a result, transports in the city and the surrounding area are emission-free. The power for the electric vehicles is generated by the firm‘s own solar power generation system. The system belongs to the latest generation of solar technology and is installed on the company building.The company is a founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and a member of ”German Design Council“ foundation. Research and the transfer of know-how also play a major role: besides the Fraunhofer Institute, the Nimbus Group also collaborates with Gira and Revox as well as with a number of renowned universities and well-known firms of architects. In 2007, Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl founded the Nimbus Research Company, NRC for short, to create a framework for the development of future-oriented issues– and to forge ahead with research into LEDs.

Productos por grupo: Lámparas de sobremesa Lámparas de pie Lámparas de suelo Lámparas de suspensión Lámparas de pared Lámparas de techo / plafón Lámparas empotrables de pared Lámparas empotrables de techo Iluminación de oficina Iluminación LED Iluminación linear Lámparas de pared Lámparas de techo / plafón Lámparas de suelo Iluminación LED Alumbrado público Iluminación para baños
Diseñador: Dietrich Brennenstuhl Sven von Boetticher Rupert Kopp Wilfried Kurz Karim Rashid Dieter Uxa
Nimbus Group GmbH
Sieglestraße 41
70469, Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 63 30 14 20
Fax: +49 711 63 30 14 14
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