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mox Mobiliario de hogar Accesorios de interior Manillas / Herrajes
MOX was born from an idea which came to us one peaceful afternoon down at the lake-side in Zürich. We decided then and there to create our own furniture collection and present young designers an opportunity to showcase their designs and present their work. We called it MOX (One of our very first items - POOL – a storage rack that leans independently up against the wall, has achieved cult status and is a highly regarded staple in our design collection.)

Our designs offer surprisingly suitable solutions for the discerning customer who is accustomed to a lifestyle of high quality living and hard-core working. Functionality, 1st class materials, high sustainability - these are hallmarks of our collection which is basically reduced to bring together in a fun and easy way the aesthetics of designer furniture for living and working in a modern environment.

Productos por grupo: Mesas Almacenamiento Complementos Muebles de dormitorio / camas Homeoffice / oficina Guardarropas / vestíbulos Archivo Complementos Zona de espera / lounge Entrada / recepción Percheros Muebles de baño Accesorios de hogar / oficina Manillas / Herrajes Complementos
Diseñador: Simon Busse Fries & Zumbühl Johannes Fuchs Gerhard Gerber Beat Glässer Charles O. Job Rupert Kopp Christoph Pieren Anna Salonen Andreas Saxer Nando Schmidlin Yuniic Design André Zingg
Forchstrasse 63
8704, Herrliberg
Phone: +41 44 271 33 44
Fax: +41 44 271 33 45
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