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Modular Iluminación decorativa Iluminación arquitectural
Modular Lighting Instruments has been playing a pioneering role since 1980 in the architectural lighting sector. High-end design lighting by Modular can be found around the world in prestigious projects such as the Phaeno Science Centre in Wolfsburg (Germany), the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels (Belgium), the Casino at Ostend (Belgium), and in private building and refurbishing projects.

Modular sets itself apart from other players in the market through its complex and persistent identity and pronounced drive for individuality. Modular is a byword in architectural circles.

Modular employs 135 people and has a comprehensive R&D department, which is responsible for the entire conceptual development of new lighting solutions.

Modular has been part of Philips Lighting since November 2006 and its headquarters are based n Roeselare (Belgium). Modular sales outlets are to be found in over 70 countries throughout the world.

Productos por grupo: Luminarias de jardín Lámparas de sobremesa Lámparas de suelo Lámparas de suspensión Lámparas de pared Lámparas de techo / plafón Lámparas empotrables de pared Lámparas empotrables de techo Focos reflectores Bañadores de luz Iluminación LED Sistemas de iluminación Lámparas especiales Iluminación linear Lámparas de pared Lámparas de techo / plafón Lámparas de suelo Lámparas empotrables de suelo Focos reflectores Iluminación LED Alumbrado público Iluminación de jardin Iluminación para baños Iluminación urbana / Farolas
Diseñador: Luc Binst Bleijh Joël Claisse Gerd Couckhuyt Couvreur & Devos Rotorgroup Luc Vincent
armoedestraat 71
8800, Roeselare
Phone: +32 51 26 56 56
Fax: +32 51 22 80 04
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