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Modular Iluminación decorativa Iluminación arquitectural Iluminación de exterior
Modular. Architectural lighting with an attitude.

For nearly 35 years, Modular Lighting Instruments has been a true pioneer in the world of architectural lighting. We tried to put our stamp on the sector with our gutsy campaigns, bold designs and innovative technology. We are who we are and we don’t like to blend into the mass.
Modular Iluminación decorativa Iluminación arquitectural Iluminación de exterior
R&D department
Our technology has helped shape the past and is trying to lead the way into the future. Our R&D team, which consists of no less than ten engineers, is constantly anticipating new technology trends. It allows us to develop and use cutting-edge technology, so that we can create high-end products.

Modular’s own engineering design has delivered some nice features in the past, like a bionic heatsink, leaf springs and reflectors to improve installation ease of the fixtures. We also managed to optimize the efficiency of our LED technology.

Top notch technology, combined with our quirky designs, is what makes Modular a true pioneer in the industry of architectural lighting. By optimizing every step of the development and production process, we are able to create products which have been perfected right down to the smallest detail: from the design, right through to the ease of installation.

Worldwide player
We are conquering the world since 1980. Our headquarters are located in Roeselare, but we also have sales organizations in eleven other countries, from Russia, all the way to the United States.

On top of that we have several showrooms all over the world and work closely with a vast network of partners, so that the whole world can discover our high-end architectural lighting solutions, for which creativity, design and technology are always key. Rewarded throughout the years with several design awards we will keep on pushing these boundaries.

Productos por grupo: Luminarias de jardín Lámparas de sobremesa Lámparas de suelo Lámparas de suspensión Lámparas de pared Lámparas de techo / plafón Lámparas empotrables de pared Lámparas empotrables de techo Focos reflectores Bañadores de luz Iluminación de oficina Iluminación espacios comerciales Iluminación LED Sistemas de iluminación Lámparas especiales Iluminación linear Lámparas de pared Lámparas de techo / plafón Lámparas de suelo Lámparas empotrables de suelo Focos reflectores Iluminación LED Alumbrado público Iluminación de jardin Iluminación para baños Iluminación para espacios comerciales Iluminación urbana / Farolas
Diseñador: Luc Binst Bleijh Joël Claisse Gerd Couckhuyt Couvreur & Devos Rotorgroup Luc Vincent
armoedestraat 71
8800, Roeselare
Phone: +32 51 26 56 56
Fax: +32 51 22 80 04
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