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Martela Oy, a leading Finnish interior brand, has been providing innovative design solutions since 1945. We’re a family business, and we like to think our business relationships reflect that. For us, it’s about shared responsibilities over decades and lifetimes. We think long-term. And that’s partly what makes Martela a responsible global citizen - we reuse, recycle and design with the future in mind.

Martela’s passion for innovation and our focus on the end-user define all of our solutions. Over the years we’ve learned to listen closely to customer needs and have developed a full range of effective service solutions across the entire value chain. And we’re proud of our Finnish roots and approach to business. To us it means providing high-quality and excellent solutions; keeping our promises; and never forgetting that here in Finland, reputation is what you really are.


Inspiring office
Offices and work-space needs have evolved with time, and so have Martela office solutions. We understand the positive effects of well-designed, ergonomic workspaces, and the importance of wellness at work. User-driven design is at the heart of our inspiring office solutions.

Inspiring meeting
Meetings and gatherings can happen in any space – the challenge is to minimize distractions. At Martela we focus on how the space will be used to define the design options, which increasingly include enabling technologies. Company public spaces are a focus as well – for gatherings and for company brand.

Inspiring material
Materials can have powerful effects, especially when chosen and combined by experts like those at Martela. We place great importance on sustainable, safe and high-quality materials that extend the life of our products. And it’s true as well that Martela’s material choices are part of our great history of trend innovation.

Inspiring service
Martela complete service solutions save our customers time. It’s our attitude that makes our service inspiring, and it’s our intimate knowledge of the entire value chain and space life cycle that makes our service effective.

Inspiring school
Martela’s up-to-date approach to school spaces is built around our understanding of today’s changing learning environments – from the perspectives of both the teachers and the learners. Our future-focused learning environments are enjoyable, and they enable informality, flexibility, and increased participation.

Inspiring welfare
Martela welfare solutions are safe solutions – and they create a feeling of safety as well. One result of our many years in the field of welfare is that we know how important ergonomic and space planning issues are in nursing and care work. Welfare design inspires us to improve independence and proactivity for the end users.

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Martela Oyj
Takkatie 1
P.O.Box 44 00371, Helsinki
Phone: +358 10 345 50
Fax: +358 10 345 5744
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