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The furniture company of Karl Andersson & Söner dates back to 1898. It was then that cabinet-maker Karl Andersson began to produce items of everyday furniture in the little village of Berghem between the towns of Huskvarna and Gränna in the south of Sweden.

After several years as a journeyman and later a fully qualified master cabinet-maker in Stockholm and Jönköping, Karl Andersson set up on his own, making furniture in a room in the family home that he converted into a workshop. His equipment was simple - a planing bench, bow saw, trying plane, plus a modest collection of smaller tools - but he was gifted with boundless enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and an unshakeable optimism, and soon he was producing bureaus, beds, sofas, tables and chairs for local customers.

Karl Andersson promised both himself and his customers that he would manufacture only "well-made furniture designed to last". Before long he had earned himself the reputation of being "the finest - albeit the most expensive - craftsman in the district". Over the years Karl and his wife, Ida, had five sons and six daughters to their name and also took in a foster son. Four of the boys - Lennart, Yngve, Börje and Göran, who took the surname Malmvall - became involved in their father's business, each an expert in his own special area. "Stick together boys, and things will go well for you," was Karl Andersson's advice to his sons. And in 1944 they formed the limited company Karl Andersson & Söner.

The company grew, and with it the ethos of traditional craftsmanship and the reputation for the highest quality, now translated to meet the demands of modern, large-scale production. Today the vision nurtured by Karl Andersson and his sons remains as relevant as ever. High quality, good function and integrity of form are still the hallmarks of the firm's products. And wood continues to play a prominent role - now most often in the form of the veneered blockboard that we produce in-house, or solid wood.
Over the years we have enjoyed a series of highly successful collaborations with external designers. Many items of furniture from Karl Andersson & Söner have become classics. In 1955, the Danish architect Børge Mogensen, designed the Øresund series of tables, cabinets and chairs that we continue to produce to this very day - and they still feel just as contemporary now as they did then. The KA72 cabinet series was designed by Karl Andersson's youngest son, Göran Malmvall, in 1972. Today these cabinets can be found in many homes as well as offices and embassies around the world. And in recent years our cooperation with Ulla Christiansson has resulted in the elegant series of tables, Trio and Trippo. Trippo has also been expanded with the addition of a shelving series that has generated huge interest and demand.

Today, the company is run by Karl Andersson's grandson, Ingvar Wadskog, along with his children, Maria, Sara and Andreas. All in all, around twenty people work at Karl Andersson & Söner in Huskvarna, where we have offices and exhibition space as well as production premises. And, despite all that has changed, one thing remains the same - we are still firmly committed to transforming wood and board into beautiful items of furniture that it is a pleasure to own.

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Karl Andersson & Söner
Rosendalagatan 6
Box 173 561 22, Huskvarna
Phone: +46-(0)36-132 530
Fax: +46-(0)36-143 001
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