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“What do we want to have around us in our own homes?
A seemingly simple, straightforward question that was the base for our collection and made us reflect, freeing us from any design or market influence, from any trend or benchmark. What we all decide to live with is much more than just a piece of furniture, it’s a companion, as once it is inside our homes, it keeps us company on our journey through life, they have a real and personal relationship with us, mirroring our concept of beauty; it ages over time with us, taking on that look which day after day, only comes with age.

Our quest for what will keep us company in our homes is based on trying to strike a difficult balance between what the mind sees as a mere function, and what the heart tells us is otherwise, making us feel beauty and passion; these are choices that have to be in line with our personal feelings and keep us happy day after day.

We have designed some very different pieces, in terms of the design approach, type of furniture and materials used: some are the exact opposite of others, but match one another nonetheless and sit perfectly in a range of different interiors, characterising the interior, distinguishing it.

They depart from the need for a matching style, a voluntary step away from constraints on manner and form, intentionally breaking away: they are all diversified pieces, visionaries on the domestic landscape. Burnished brass using traditional methods without using chemical products, iron, heat treated Eucalyptus wood, shiny and velvety, hand finished with natural oils – completely free from chemical products and solvents; sought after stones, unusual and precious which are worked to emphasise their authenticity, natural leathers and nabuck, all echoes of the mastery of Henge.

These are all artisan pieces, where the skill of man holds an important place, and ensures the pieces are essentially personalised to the extent that each item is a labour of thought and assembled for each specific project and individual customer. An approach which goes entirely against industrial manufacturing which is a slave to its own production cycles.”

Productos por grupo: Asientos Muebles relax Mesas Almacenamiento Homeoffice / oficina Guardarropas / vestíbulos Sillas de oficina Conferencia / reunión Zona de espera / lounge Lámparas de suspensión Lámparas de pared Focos reflectores Iluminación LED Iluminación linear Accesorios de hogar / oficina Accesorios de mesa
Diseñador: Emmanuel Babled Massimo Castagna Silvia Prevedello
Via Verdi 45
31010 Col San Martino (TV)
Phone: +39 0438 1710600
Fax: +39 0438 1710113
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