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In 1972 Peter Ghyczy founded his own firm Ghyczy and Co Design in Viersen, Germany. His first collection was called "Mobel". He developped a technique which could clamp glas between metal and thereby creating a very strong connection free. Based upon this an entire line of furniture came into being and has been copied widely since the patent expired.

The firm was moved the Netherlands in 1974, and became known as Ghyczy Selection BV. The products are all produced upon-order by skilled craftsmen at the firm with great precision and care.

Ghyczy furniture is designed for longlivety using material like glass, brass, aluminium, wood and stainless steel. Even with time, the classic form and simplicity remains and the finish that develops just adds to its charm.

Productos por grupo: Asientos Mesas Almacenamiento Complementos Mobiliario multimedia Muebles de dormitorio / camas Homeoffice / oficina Guardarropas / vestíbulos Sillas de oficina Mesas de oficina Archivo Mobiliario de dirección Conferencia / reunión Zona de espera / lounge Percheros Sillas de colectividad Multiuso Gastronomía Lounge de jardín Lámparas de sobremesa Lámparas de pie Accesorios de hogar / oficina Mobiliario urbano Áreas verdes
Diseñador: Teun Fleskens Peter Ghyczy
Reubenberg 25
6071 PS, Swalmen
Phone: +31 47550 44 22
Fax: +31 47550 45 50
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