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Forhouse comes from a great experience in steel processing, a metal that recently is used also in the furnishing industry and for the creation of of a wide range of articles that ornament our home.

A metal that first was considered cold and less malleable is transformed into a material that confers a new light to the environment. A new field of use matched with the rules of the design gives form to objects that heat up the mood of the interior spaces and make our home a cozy setting and full of emotions.

The elegance, the purity, and the linearity of the steel meet the most refined aesthetic rules and give a fascinating aura even to the simplest objects. The steel gives life to games of light, reflects forms and places emphasis not only on functionality but also on the emotional value of the furnishings and fittings that adorn our tables.

Forhouse: where the quality of Made in Italy meets a new face of the steel.

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