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Dietiker is a Swiss leader and third oldest manufacturer in Europe in contract seating. Since 1873, the company has manufactured Swiss quality seating solutions for the Healthcare and Conference markets primarily across Europe. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards with innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications, from congress halls to educational centres or hospitals and senior residences. With more than a century of know-how and a spirit of design, Dietiker takes a step into the future both as a family company creating tomorrow’s traditions with passion and commitment to customers and about 200 employees.

Our Values
Customers first - Dietiker is committed offer the best service to its customers with a family spirit. We are dedicated to develop and offer reliable solutions that meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Swiss excellence - Swiss quality is a passion for perfection. Dietiker stands for excellence by creating products manufactured in the highest standards of Swiss quality. Our employees all share a passion for quality, with an unmistakable sense of excellence, good design, and perfection to the finest detail.

Creating tomorrow’s traditions - Dietiker’s heritage and know-how as well as spirit of innovation is at the heart of our company and products. Dietiker has always valued innovation, authenticity and the making of unique products that offer better solutions for the future. Dietiker is today driven by a spirit of excellence, entrepreneurship and internationalism.

Acting responsibly - Dietiker takes seriously its environmental responsibilities and applies high ethical standards from conception, to production to the delivery of products and services. It is part of our philosophy to act ecologically and ethically. All our materials are carefully selected and we act responsibly to both employees and customers. As manufacturers of long lasting solutions, we believe timeless products are key to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

1873 Foundation of Dietiker AG

1958 The company is taken over by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives in Zurich and continued as an independent enterprise.
The Saffa chair from Hans Eichenberger, today a classic amongst armchairs, is introduced for the first time at the Saffa Exhibition.

1963 Launch of the Bandixen chair, which impressed through its unpretentious design and formal reduction. Designer: Edlef Bandixen.

1971 The “Rey 33” model from Bruno Rey comes on the market: 1st wooden chair without frame, with self-supporting seat and aluminium connection.

1989 The Quadro chair with flexible back goes into production. Design: Bruno Rey and Charles Polin.

1997 Orta, a chair with a new kind of mesh cover (from Christoph Hindermann) and Keo (from Burkhard Vogtherr) are launched.

1998 Dietiker builds up its own distribution network in Germany. The chairs Atrio (design by Christoph Hindermann) and Rho (design by Burkhard Vogtherr and Tatzu Nosaki) are launched.

2000 The products Oneman Twomen and Monâne (from Greutmann Bolzern) are launched.

2001 An investor group acquires the Dietiker AG in the autumn of 2001.
The Satu chair (from Christoph Hindermann) and the Link table (from Burkhard Vogtherr) come on the market.
2002 The Dietiker AG opens new showrooms in Baden and Morges. The following products are launched: Base (from Greutmann Bolzern), Orland (from Lilia Konrad) and Visit (from Christoph Hindermann).

2003 The model range in the lounging sector is expanded with light upholstered furniture: Cubus model (design by Walt de Bouton) as well as the Domino and Logo models (design by Norbert C. Novotny).

2004 Launch of Genio and Relounge (Greutmann Bolzern); Eco (Dietiker Switzerland); Soma (Thomas Albrecht); Tila (Christoph Hindermann).

2006 The product range is expanded: with Kalio and Rivo (design by Hannes
Wettstein); Kirkos and Siro (design by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger); as well as Lumi (design by Thomas Albrecht).

2007 The ARVO armchair appears with special wooden frame construction, braced seat structure and innovative feathered core. Design: Thomas Albrecht.

2008 The Ono armchair (design by Matthias Weber) and Lamina (design by Hannes Wettstein) as well as the Kanta table come on the market.

2010 After the death of the owner Urs Felber, his two daughters Jacqueline and Nathalie have taken over the company.
The KT-System designed by Asger Soelberg & Kasper Jerichau has been presented for the first time.

Productos por grupo: Asientos Cuarto de niños Sillas de oficina Mesas de oficina Mobiliario de dirección Conferencia / reunión Zona de espera / lounge Sillas de colectividad Multiuso Gastronomía Mobiliario de universidad Mobiliario para guardería Mobiliario para iglesia Mobiliario tercera edad
Diseñador: Thomas Albrecht Edlef Bandixen Hans Eichenberger Carmen Greutmann Bolzern Urs Greutmann Bolzern Christoph Hindermann Norbert Novotny Charles Polin Bruno Rey This Weber Hannes Wettstein
Dietiker AG
Hofwisenstrasse 2
8260 Stein am Rhein
Phone: +41-(0)52-742 21 21
Fax: +41-(0)52-742 21 90
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