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The strength of a project is written in its DNA

Adele Cassina is a storied name in the world of design. Her father, Cesare Cassina, was the leader of a group of enlightened entrepreneurs who ignited the Italian miracle of designer furniture in Brianza’s fertile production district. A remarkable story that got underway in the workshops of post WWII Italy and today brings thousands of visitors to Milan’s Salone del Mobile.
Adele Cassina has recently started her own company: Adele-C. Her brand sets out to create products that transcend trends and are ambassadors of discreet elegance.
The young upstart is born, to quote an old saying, “with a silver spoon in its mouth.” Helming the company will be Adele herself who, as well as having a strong character and rich emotional intelligence, has witnessed the history of Italian design unfold from inside the walls of her childhood house.
Blessed with passion and earned-over-time competence for creating quality, Adele Cassina has poured her family heritage of experimentation and creativity into this collection. The collection is divided in two different segments that are sides of the same coin but have distinctive identities.

The Design Collection includes the works of professional designers on products (sofas, armchairs, bookcases, furniture accessories) that are present in everyday life.
The Sign Collection includes works by contemporary artists devoted to developing the expressive potential of materials and objects in limited edition pieces.

Together, the collections form a comprehensive range of products that work in concert with one another under Adele Cassina’s savvy direction.

They say the best entrepreneurs are the ones that surround themselves with the best people. Adele Cassina has assembled a team of top flight professionals that are contributing to giving the company a well-defined course. Michael Loos, an American art director and creative director with impressive experience and credentials, will be responsible for the brand image’s artistic direction. Emanuele Del Signore, digital strategy consultant and partner of MediaEngine, has recently created the new Adele-C website, a paragon of clarity and linguistic modernity. Benedetta Di Loreto, an expert art historian, is managing and coordinating the Sign Collection. Commercial direction is in the hands of an all-women team: foreign markets are competently managed by Cinzia Olivieri, while the Italian market is followed with meticulous care by Cristina Cavozzi. Last but not least, the team is completed by a cadre of high level designers and artists invited by Adele Cassina to contribute in the creation of products. Among them, Cesare Cassina, Tobia Scarpa, Marco Ferreri and B&C Lab were all involved in creating the Design Collection’s new products showing at the Salone. Mario Airò, Agata Monti, Paolo Parisi, Marco Papa and the visionary Miltos Manetas, who came aboard recently with a project for the Salone del Mobile, all contributed to the Sign Collection.

The catalogue, a design object

The world of ideas generates the world of things. The new Adele-C catalogue introduces an innovative magnetic binder system to present the collection, an idea that effectively substitutes the classic but dated metal ring binder. Designed by Michael Loos, the catalogue’s concept and detailing are an ideal expression of the Adele-C philosophy: constantly seeking new solutions, essential and practical. Rich without being ostentatious, it’s a well-designed work tool.

The new website

The virtual representation of Adele-C is a website that bears a strong resemblance to our company. User friendly, intuitive and elegantly concrete, the site was designed by MediaEngine to be interactive and dialogue with its visitors. Videos play an important role. The attention towards storytelling mediums that favor moving images more than words reflects Adele-C’s interest in the evolution of contemporary communication idioms. The site includes an introductory black and white video showcasing key moments in the life of Adele Cassina and a video by Michael Loos in which he explains, in brilliant detail, how the catalogue he designed works.

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Diseñador: Mario Airò Cesare Cassina Marco Ferreri Ron Gilad Agata Monti Marco Papa Paolo Parisi Tobia Scarpa
Piazza Vittorio Veneto 2
20036, Meda (MI)
Phone: +39 0362 34 74 99
Fax: +39 0362 75 99 56
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