Illuminated Circular Outline

New concept of a wall light by Pallucco

Alone, an “illuminated circular outline”, a coat hook that casts an eye at the concept of a wall light. Its clear-cut, linear design is enhanced at the rear by an opal finish ring that fills with white light creating a bright halo focusing on the hanging garment.Alone can be used in various ways – on its own, in a row or randomly scattered – contributing with its light to outlining visual and functional paths, while furnishing and enhancing also the narrowest and dimmest corners on the home.
Illuminated Circular Outline
'Alone' by Daniele Trebbi for Pallucco

It is available in two versions: for connection to mains voltage, with wall on/off switch and fitted with 3 high-efficiency white LEDs or battery-powered with push on/off switch located on the opal finish ring and a battery charger as optional, fitted with 1 high-efficiency white LED.

Materials: opal diffuser and frame in polycarbonate – available in a white, red or black finish.
Size: diameter 118 mm projection from wall 69 mm

Illuminated Circular Outline
'Alone' Detail

Gilda Organic
Created by Enrico Franzolini in 1997 Gilda is available in two versions. The Floor version stands on an extensible anodized aluminum tripod with natural finishing. The pendant version is fitted on a telescopic rod with max. 500 mm drop (features a fitting for attachment to the ceiling). It is characterized by a generous size shade.
Pallucco presents in 2008 the Organic line, focusing on natural fibers and proposing Gilda, Floor and Pendant, in Jute with new colors White, Yellow Saffron and Ruby Red following the existing Black and Natural. Gilda is available also in white or ivory synthetic parchment and Ornaments version fireproof white cotton shade embellished with the decorative pattern created for Pallucco by Studio Out, which comes in black and beige.
The floor lamp is equipped with a dimmer and 250W halogen light bulb with E27 fitting in the 230V version, while the incandescent 200W Type A bulb, connection/fitting E26 for the 110V version. The pendant lamp is equipped with a 150W halogen bulb with E27 fitting in the 230V version, while the incandescent 150W type A bulb, fitting E26 for the 110V version.

Illuminated Circular Outline
Gilda Organic by Enrico Franzolini for Pallucco

Illuminated Circular Outline
Gilda Organic, pendant version

Baby Gilda & Baby Gilda Organic
This mini version of the Gilda lamp floor version, Baby Gilda, still conveys all the unmistakable elegance and has all the qualities that made the original version so popular. With its ironic reuse of the portable music stand, Baby Gilda’s distinguishing trait is the essentiality of the height adjustable telescopic steel tripod.

Combining looks with function, the shade comes in 8 finishes: white or ivory parchment; elegant black or beige Ornaments decoration; Jute in Natural or Black-dyed together with new 2008 colors White, Saffron Yellow and Ruby Red;

Floor lamp equipped with a 150W halogen light bulb, transparent electrical cord with dimmer and connection/fitting E27 for the 230V version, while, 1 incandescent double glass light bulb type A, 150W connection/fitting E26 for the 110V version.

Illuminated Circular Outline
Baby Gilda by Enrico Franzolini for Pallucco

Asnago Vender, Re-edition
Designed by the rationalist architects Mario Asnago and Claudio Vender, the unusually lightweight and transparent tables were presented for the first time at the Triennial Exhibition of Milan in 1936.
The Asnago Vender line continues to represent a design classic and the black and silver versions are now joined by the new White (Ral 9010) with plate glass top and by the 2200 mm models.
Tables and Consoles. Tubular steel and drawn steel flat bar frame. Cross struts in drawn steel rod. Height-adjustable feet. Tops in 10 mm thick toughened glass. Epoxy powder coated paint finish in silver, black and white.
Illuminated Circular Outline
Asnago Vender console

Illuminated Circular Outline
Asnago Vender table by Mario Asnago e Claudio Vender
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