Ethics and Aesthetics

ZEITRAUM's furniture designs are sustainability pioneers.

Ethics and Aesthetics
"Noon 3 white" pendant lamp, "Turntable" and "Morph" chair in oak

Between drawing board and production, Zeitraum's solid wood furniture has to meet numerous decision criteria that are specific to the company and have mostly served as benchmarks since the firm was founded in 1990. "Our designs are a homage to purity: to unadulterated materials and consistency of form," explains owner Birgit Gämmerler. "Right from the start, we have been committed to acting sustainably, to treating our staff and customers with respect and to ensuring that the origin and workmanship of our products are up to standard. All these things are a matter of principle as far as we're concerned: a concept that is based on responsibility in every respect has to be based on a lot of different factors."

Ethics and Aesthetics
Birgit Gämmerler, Peter Gaebelein (left) and Peter Joebsch have been a successful team since 1994. Also shown here: the "Pelle" chair in two shades of stained oak (left: graphite-grey; right: chalk)

Zeitraum's tables, chairs, lounge furniture, shelving, beds and lamps combine to create a harmonious overall picture that looks just as authentic in private homes as it does in luxury hotels (the company has been enjoying global success as a contract furnisher since 2009). When it comes to the production process, wood is seen as a precious cultural asset and its organic structure preserved. The hardwoods are sourced from sustainable forests and their surfaces treated with organic oil, which leaves the pores of the wood open and its structure visible. This ensures that the wood can mature, smells fragrant and is pleasant to touch. The latest additions to the range include furniture finished with coloured stains that preserve the transparency of the wood's appearance. The natural-looking colour spectrum includes six shades of grey and four pastel tones.

Ethics and Aesthetics
Mellow" bed, "Morph Lounge" chair and "Morph Pouf" in American walnut; accompanied by "Read Noon" floor lamp in warm grey

Birgit Gämmerler: "Nowadays luxury lies in reduction: away from growth at any price and towards conservation. Although that means a product has to meet growing demands, that same product will also retain its value for a long time. More than anything else, sustainability means conscious action, awareness and making meaningful choices as consumers. That is the fundamental attitude that will continue to form the basis of our corporate philosophy."

Ethics and Aesthetics
The "Turntable" family in American walnut, "Turntable Couch" occasional tables in oak


Photos: Heinz von Heydenaber, Mierswa-Kluska, Team Schalterhalle/Zeitraum

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