CREA AWARDS Vibia 2012 – 25.000 EURO TO WIN!

An ideas competition, in cooperation with Architonic, that invites the best and most creative minds to discover the potential of Vibia’s new modular lighting products applied to their architecture and interior design projects.

CREA AWARDS Vibia 2012 – 25.000 EURO TO WIN!


A total of 40,000€ will be awarded in prizes to the three winning projects selected by the international jury.

First place “CREA Award Winner”: 25,000 €.
Second place: 10,000€
Third place: 5,000€.

Architonic: The winner-project will be rewarded with a membership in the categorie „architecture and design“ on!


Who can participate?

Only professionals in the fields of interior design, architecture, project development, product & lighting design (individuals, firms and multi-professional teams) are invited to participate.

What is demanded?

The main goal is to create inspiring and convincing photo collages or renderings of spaces that are illuminated by product configurations using Vibia’s new modular lighting collections.

CREA AWARDS Vibia 2012 – 25.000 EURO TO WIN!

Participants are requested to select an outstanding spatial situation from their existing buildings or planning work in progress.
As a second step, the challenge is to use the CREA configuration tool (available at to create a new lighting installation for the selected space.
The final step will be to integrate this lighting configuration into the existing project/planning work.

Entry Conditions

There is no cost to apply for the CREA AWARDS. Entries & applications are free of charge.
Participants must register and fill the application form.
Registration CREA Awards Registration CREA Awards

CREA AWARDS Vibia 2012 – 25.000 EURO TO WIN!

Submission Guidelines

Entries must include a total of seven images and a short text explaining the conceptual idea behind the project and the integration of the CREA light module products.


An international jury, formed by six experts in the fields of architecture, specialised media, lighting and interior design, will examine, discuss and evaluate the submitted entries to select the projects finalists and winners.

CREA AWARDS Vibia 2012 – 25.000 EURO TO WIN!
Lars Krückeberg (Graft, Berlin), Martin Gran (Snøhetta Design, Oslo), Sevil Peach (Sevil Peach, London), Ulrike Brandi (Ulrike Brandi Licht, Hamburg), Francesc Rifé (Francesc Rifé Studio, Barcelona), Tobias Lutz (Architonic, Zürich)

Terms and Conditions

Upon entry, all material and image rights (online and print), belong to Vibia and Architonic plus third party media partners selected by the CREA AWARDS COMMITTEE. The author will always be credited for his/her work. Design rights will also remain with the author.
Every time an author publishes images created for this competition, they must mention „Vibia CREA AWARDS“.
Link zum Vibia CREA AWARDS Link zum Vibia CREA AWARDS

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