Material ConneXion Special 07.2011

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Some things are just meant to be together. Peanut butter and jelly. William and Kate. Bert and Ernie.

Which is why, as part of Architonic's new strategic alliance with Material ConneXion, we've integrated the latest additions to the New York-based consultancy's high-calibre materials library into our powerful 'Products & Materials' database on

In this special issue of the Architonic newsletter, you'll find a short introduction to Material ConneXion's work, an outline of how we've built the best that they have to offer into our popular online library, as well as the latest Material ConneXion news.

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MC# 5702-06, Material ConneXion®: check out this and other hand-picked materials via Material ConneXion on
The Good Stuff: Material ConneXion
Material ConneXion is a global materials consultancy that helps companies innovate through smart materials thinking. Founded in 1997 by George M Beylerian, it is the trusted materials advisor to Fortune 500 corporations, smaller forward-thinking companies and government agencies seeking a creative, competitive or sustainable edge through strategic material selections.

With offices in New York, Bangkok, Cologne, Daegu, Istanbul, Milan and (coming soon) Beijing, the company's international network of materials specialists provide a global, cross-industry perspective on materials and their potential uses.
Global materials consultancy Material ConneXion's, headquartered in New York, has offices in Bangkok, Cologne, Daegu, Istanbul, Milan and soon Beijing

Material ConneXion's subscription-based Materials Library of innovative materials and processes, an indispensable asset to a wide audience of designers and architects, features physical libraries on three continents, as well as a comprehensive online database feature over 6,000 innovative and sustainable materials. Each month, 40 to 50 materials are added by an independent jury.
Material ConneXion's materials libraries, located on three continents, are complemented by a comprehensive online database featuring over 6,000 innovative and sustainable materials

What's more, Material ConneXion's consulting arm, the Advanced Materials Solution Team, helps clients create better, more sustainable designs and build stronger brands through strategic insight and support - from sustainable strategy development to custom materials research and materials sourcing.
Material ConneXion's New York materials library
When Architonic met Material ConneXion
Architonic's powerful 'Products & Materials' library just got more powerful.

As part of our new strategic partnership with Material ConneXion, you can now view the latest additions to the New York-based consultancy's high-calibre materials library on, where we've integrated them into our own popular database.
MC# 6781-01, Material ConneXion®

With an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, Material ConneXion's library has over 6,000 material solutions, making it a leading international resource. Thanks to some smart cross-linking, Architonic users are now be able to see a carefully chosen and continuously growing selection of materials endorsed by Material ConneXion on - both as part of their search results while looking for the best materials and in the form of a special theme that presents all of the materials via Material ConneXion in one go. Click below to go straight to the Material ConneXion theme on Architonic.
MC# 2239-06, Material ConneXion®

On choosing to view a particular material in more detail, Architonic users will be taken to Material ConneXion's extensive online library. Here, having subscribed, they can get the specifics on this product plus thousands more.
'Thai Materials' show at Material ConneXion, New York
Material ConneXion's commitment to public programming uses many channels. In addition to organising conferences and to their quarterly publication 'Matter', which explores materials and design from a number of angles, they also create exhibitions.
Material ConneXion's 'Thai Materials' exhibition, which showcases a range of highly innovative materials from Thailand

Material ConneXion's literally named 'Thai Materials' show, which premiered in Bangkok last year, presents numerous highly innovative materials from Thailand, including paper stocks made of banana-plant fibres, edible packaging derived from cassava starch, bio-active fabrics made of bacteria cultured with fruit juice, and eco-friendly inks that contain vegetable and soybean oil, all applied in a series of art objects, prototypes and case studies.
Just some of the materials on show at Material ConneXion's 'Thai Materials' exhibition

The show runs at Material ConneXion's New York City headquarters until 31 August. But if you can't make it Stateside, fear not. Architonic has created an inspiring photo gallery, showcasing some of the most interesting, innovative and unusual materials from the exhibition.
Material ConneXion News
For the latest Material ConneXion news in full, visit their website:

In the meantime, here are a few snippits from their news desk:

* June 2011 saw the acquisition of Material ConneXion and its sister company, Culture & Commerce Inc., by Sandow, marking an important step in the growth of both concerns.

* Material ConneXion Beijing will open in October 2011, followed by Shanghai and Guangzhou in 2012, as part of the company's plan to establish 10 materials libraries in China by 2017.
Materials exhibition at Material ConneXion, New York

* Material ConneXion Istanbul opened in June 2011, the company's fifth international licensee.

* Earlier this year saw the ten winners of Material ConneXion's MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year featured in an exhibition at the company's HQ. The venue also played host to Lucite's 75th Anniversary Exhibition in June.
MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year show at Material ConneXion, New York