Wilkhahn 100 years +

Wilkhahn 100 years + On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of Wilkhahn, the traditional German company, selected historical milestones of product development over the last 50 years have been restored, catalogued and photographed afresh. The originals can be admired until the end of 2007 in a small special exhibition at the manufacturer's head office in Bad Münder. The virtual exhibition on the Architonic site is more comprehensive: in addition to the best sellers from past decades, rarities and curiosities will also be on view, including such objects as Wilkhahn children's furniture and the "Coupé" by the French designer Annie Tribèl, which was once used to furnish a theatre café in Paris. What is also on view is an almost playful enjoyment of experimentation with fibre-glass reinforced plastic, which was a highly innovative material at the time.
Many of these designs are firmly anchored in the "visual memory" of our culture, because they were in use in large numbers and are, in some cases, still in service today. In spite of this those who designed these products have today almost been forgotten, even though they were among the best and best-known of their time. One of the purposes of this exhibition is to bring the people behind the products into the limelight again. Designing timeless classics or retaining them in your product range as a company is not enough to keep the designers themselves in the awareness of our culture. To maintain interest in designers and their heritage is today one of the most important activities for prestigious companies wishing to strengthen their own brand. With the "Wilkhahn 100 years +" special exhibition, which represents the basis for the company's own design collection, and numerous publications and activities to accompany the anniversary, Wilkhahn is placing its own long-neglected design history in the centre of its brand communication once more.