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Architekten GmbH | Stuttgart | Desde 1998 | Empleados 6

Jazzclub Bix

Stuttgart | Alemania | Completed 2006

The new Jazzclub Bix in Stuttgart is located in the center of Stuttgart.
It was built into a listed space, a former cloakroom of an historical building.
Two existing levels define the interior space and at the same time the different zones of the Jazzclub. On the groundfloor, the central stage, various seats and tables and a bar mark the zone for the Live-Jazz-Performances, while on the mezzanine level a more intimate bar- and lounge-area was created. The most important spatial element becomes a strip out of twisted, brass-coloured anodized aluminiumstrips, giving the room its own strong identity. It serves as acoustical and illuminated wall at the same time and embraces the stage as spatial element, relating also to the musical instruments like cornets or saxophons of the jazzmusicians. Various lightreflexions on the metallic strip, combined with the use of warm brown and grey colours on walls and ceilings create a typical club-atmosphere. Curtains out of red velvet and a virtual fireplace in the lounge-area emphasize this atmosphere. The Jazzclub is named after Bix Beiderbecke, a jazz-musician from Chicago, who played the cornet. A portrait-photo from him as pixel-file occures in different parts and sizes as a repeated graphical element on the walls. A lighting-object made of plexiglas-tubes defines the two-storey high entrance hall.


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Leonhardsplatz 28, 70182 Stuttgart

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