Offenbach | Desde 2002

Concept kitchen / SieMatic

Alemania | Completed 2007

*Kitchen design around the MultiMatic

The functional rails of the MultiMatic interior design system are a striking feature of the kitchen design: the plastic rails meander decoratively over the wall areas and their up and down course creates varying levels. Hooks, clips, rubber straps, baskets and other system parts can be positioned within easy reach, at eye level and overhead. The fixing possibilities multiply where the rails cross. In this way, the eye-catching structure takes the humdrum nature of storage and turns it into something special.

The kitchen unit encapsulates the formal idea and takes it to the third dimension. The result is gentle alcoves and recesses that structure the space and at the same time have a positive effect on the activities taking place along the worktop. The concave sink area is shaped in line with the radius of action – in the convex zones, food preparation can take place at affectionately close quarters. The cooking area juts out from the structure, so there is no need to worry that too many cooks will spoil the broth. The centre wall is also equipped with MultiMatic and becomes an area for hanging cooking utensils and personal items. The kitchen board repeats the interplay of rising and flat surfaces, penetrates the lines of the functional rails and, with its unusual shape, holds a multitude of possibilities for use.

The kitchen as a self-assured piece of furniture is the focal point of this study: it detaches itself from the wall to become an integral part of the living space. Cooking and the provision of everything needed for it is presented in an artistic fashion. In addition, the four functional sides of the island unit provide a variety of options for connecting to other living areas and fixtures.



speziell®-Concept kitchen / SieMatic
speziell®-Concept kitchen / SieMatic
speziell®-Concept kitchen / SieMatic
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