Studio Hannes Wettstein

Zürich | Desde 1991

Studio Hannes Wettstein AG
Seefeldstrasse 303, 8008 Zürich, Suiza
Teléfono +41 44 421 22 22
Fax +41 44 421 22 66


Arquitectos de Interiores, Diseñadores de Productos
Studio Hannes Wettstein
Stephan Hürlemann, Partner
Simon Husslein, Partner
Britta Herold, Partner


Studio Hannes Wettstein develops, creates and realizes everyday objects, furniture and interiors for clients both at home and abroad – ranging from watches to sofa systems, from TV studios to luxury apartments.

Today designers Stephan Hürlemann and Simon Husslein are defining the work of the Zurich agency, which was originally founded by star designer Hannes Wettstein. They work with a team of more than ten designers and architects in a process of permanent dialogue - creating products for companies and consumers, with the methodology defining the style. Numerous works designed by Studio Hannes Wettstein have been awarded prestigious prizes.