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Aveiro | Desde 1997 | Empleados 4

Rua São Roque 23, 2º, 3800 – 257 Aveiro, Portugal
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RVDM arquitectos
Ricardo Vieira de Melo

He has graduated in Architecture from the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (FAUTL) in 1989.
President of the Aveiro Section of the Ordem dos Arquitectos (NAAV) since 2007.

He was design visiting professor at the Aveiro University in 1997/1998. He teaches architecture at the Lusiada University of Oporto since 1994.
PhD in Architecture from the University Lusíada of Oporto

He had a solo exhibition at the Chamber of Architects in Lisbon, in the loop "Project Room" - and appears in numerous exhibitions of architecture and design both in Portugal and in Europe.
His work has been published in several magazines, and has received nominations and awards both in design and architecture.


The company was established in 1997 and works mainly in the area of housing. It has also developed work in hotels and public facilities. The work evolves from conception to execution control. Comfort and customer satisfaction are the main concern, with particular attention to every detail.