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Hans Murman, Architect

Born in 1947 in Falun, Sweden. Graduated at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) 1971-1976. Established his own architectural firm in 1981. The first project, Ramundbergets Fjällby 1983 led to many buildings, plan missions and interiors in the Swedish mountains and also later on, via that same customer, to the expansion of Sturegallerian, a shopping mall that is a part of Grev Turegatan, (a street in Stockholm) 1990.

Juniper House in Gotland and Restaurant Tusen, 1st prize winner at the WAF (World Architecture Festival) 2009, together with the winning entry to the Sami Parliament's parliament building in Kiruna in 2006 brought international attention. Several jury assignments as an architect including Kasper Salin Jury 2010-2011. Since 2010 appointed architect for the Royal Library in Stockholm and member of the Royal Academy of Arts. Currently working example with a new Infantry Museum in Karlstad, opens 2013.


Murman Arkitekter AB,established in 1985, has a staff of 35 architects.

We design offices, retail and residential. We are architectural and interior designers.
We designed the first Swan ecolabelled hotel in Sweden We won first prize in category Holiday in, WAF2009, with the Restaurant Tusen.

In 2006 we won the 1st prize in the competition “Sámi parliament in Kiruna” Sweden.

We strive to create structures and spaces with strong individual identities.

We actively seek projects which have us perform the kind of work we have not done before because we feel it keeps us on our toes in a way which benefits both ourselves and our clients.

We try to maintain a mix of large and small projects, public and residential because it constantly teaches us new ways of solving different problems.

We also believe strongly in a synthesis between the building, its interior and surroundings and we consequently try to maintain a grasp on all associated disciplines – first and foremost architecture and interior design – but also landscaping and planning.

We attempt to design architecture, which responds as directly as possible to its context and intended use, and as such it is neither timeless nor quite contemporary. It is shaped by its surroundings and utility, both of which have their traditions but are simultaneously in constant flux. Hopefully our design can reflect that.

We want to create democratic, accessible architecture.