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Gessaga Hindermann GmbH
Luisenstrasse 25, 8005 Zürich, Suiza
Teléfono +41 44 4225320
Fax +41 44 4225327


Arquitectos de Interiores, Diseñadores de Productos
Gessaga Hindermann GmbH
Jérôme Gessaga, dipl. Designer/Innenarchitekt FH
Christof Hindermann, dipl. Designer/Innenarchitekt FH VSI


Both architects and interior designers, they founded designrichtung gmbh in 2000 with the aim of jointly developing and implementing interior design,exhibition design, product design projects. In 2009, they changed the companys name but not their direction. Gessaga Hindermann's design philosophy is based on delivering superior quality while at the same time conveying the joy of design as well as a certain sense of irony."Through ordinary, everyday phenomena, we would like to see human curiosity play a more important part in our everyday lives again",  Gessaga and Hindermann explain.

While striving to tackle contemporary problems by taking an innovative approach, the human factor plays a central role in their work.Gessaga Hindermann are also very much aware of the importance of business management analysis. Every one of their projects is based on a thorough analysis of the workflows and communication issues of the individual customer. The consultation side of things is therefore extremely important.The change of direction and fresh image which Gessaga Hindermann give any customer are not meant as mere improvements, but are intended to express, both internally and externally, the customers long-term corporate strategy.

Competitions | Publications | Awards


2010 Competition, 1. Price
Corporate Architecture Neue Aargauer Bank, CH-Aarau

2008 Competition
Home for the aged and infirm, CH-Illanz
In collaboration with Allemann Bauer Eigenmann architects ETH SIA, Zürich

2008 Competition
Raiffeisenbank, CH-Galgenen
In collaboration with Herbert Bruhin architect ETH SIA, Siebnen

2006 Competition
Pavilion for switzerland expo 2010 shanghai
In collaboration with phalt architects, Zürich


Bauinfo No. 1 | 2013-01-01
Das neue stilhaus in Rothrist ist eröffnet
Verfasser: Bauinfo
(stilhaus, dieform, Rothrist)

Hochparterre No. 12 | 2012-12-01
Verfasser: Hochparterre
(stilhaus Rothrist, Garderobe Cobra)

Interieur | 2012-12-01
Was Fachleute zum Thema Homeoffice sagen
Verfasser: Carole Bolliger
(Interview zum Thema homeoffice)

Hochparterre No. 3 | 2010-03-08
Zwinkernde Räume
Verfasser: Meret Ernst
(Interview/Portrait Gessaga Hindermann GmbH)

bob inertational magazine of space design No. 07 / Korea | 2010-01-01
Prospective Media Services AG
Verfasser: Lee Eunjung
(Prospective Media Services AG, Zürich)

FRAME No. 56 | 2007-05-01
Details, Bottoms Up
Verfasser: Ellen Rutten

ZÜRITIPP | 2006-11-30
Designmeile 06; Ein Blick in die Ateliers der Zürcher Kreativen
Form ohne Grenzen
Verfasser: Sascha Renner

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Immobilien | 2005-07-29
Ein neues Gesicht für
Verfasser: TA
(Hauptsitz Geberit Jona)

Swiss Call Kommunikationsfabrik 
Verfasser: plus publishing co. ltd.
(Swiss Call)

TAGES-ANZEIGER, Savoir-Vivre | 2004-11-20
Die Schönheit des stillen Örtchens
Verfasser: Christina Sonderegger


red dot design award 2013
Award for the design exhibition “dieForm“ at stilhaus, CH-Rothrist“

Top Performer Award 2012
Award for the project “corporate architecture for Neuen Aargauer Bank“

ISSA International shop application award 2011
ISAA Award best innovative concept 2011
Award for the project “employee’s cafeteria for a Swiss Bank“

Inside Award 2011
Inside Award finalist for the project “employee’s cafeteria for a Swiss Bank“

best architects Award 2011
Award for best architects in the german-speaking region
Award for the project “employee’s cafeteria for a Swiss Bank“

Award of the deutschen Betonverband Strasse, Landschaft, Garten e.V.
Best of 6 Shortlist, for the project “Headquarter of Geberit AG, CH-Jona“

iF Award 2008, Gute Gestaltung ’08
Award of the DDC, German designers club
Award for the project “Gräub Office AG, CH-Zürich“

Neue Horizonte- Ideenpool Holz 21
Competition for the promotion of new wooden solutions
Award for the project “Showroom Denz AG, CH-Gümligen/Bern“

iF communication design award 2008
Award for the project “Gräub Office AG, CH-Zürich“

contractworld award 2007
Intern. architectural prize for innovative room concepts
Award winner for the project “menüfoif, CH-Zürich“

D&AD Global awards 2006
Intern. competition in the design- and publicity sector
Nomination category „enviromental design“ for the project
“Showroom Denz AG, CH-Gümligen/Bern“