Zagreb | Desde 1994 | Empleados 26

N. Božidarevića 13/4, HR 10000 Zagreb, Croacia
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Partners: Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak


3LHD_about us
3LHD is a multidisciplinary architectural practice, focused on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban planning, design and art. 3LHD architects constantly explore new possibilities of interaction between architecture, society and individuals. With contemporary approach, the team of young architects resolves all projects in cooperation with many experts from various disciplines. Projects, such as Memorial Bridge in Rijeka, Croatian Pavilion in EXPO 2005 in Japan and EXPO 2008 in Zaragoza, Riva waterfront in Split, Sports Hall Bale in Istria, Centre Zamet in Rijeka and Hotel Lone in Rovinj are some of the important highlights. The work of 3LHD has received important Croatian and international awards, including the award for best building in Sport category on first World Architecture Festival WAF 2008, AR Emerging Architecture Award (UK), the ID Magazine Award (USA); and Croatian professional awards Drago Galić (2008), Bernando Bernardi (2005), Viktor Kovačić (2001), and Vladimir Nazor (1999).

Office philosophy
The work of 3LHD is characterized by the belief that buildings should address far more than purely functional needs. Key issues for our practice since it was founded in 1994 have become central concerns for architecture in the early 21st century and its implementation in contemporary society. The team uses an integrative approach and is primarily involved in thematically-driven work that takes the form of temporary and permanent site-specific interventions, research in housing and tourism, communication between inside and outside spaces, different urban processes and planning, appearance of new digital/electronic media, energy and the environment, historic context and the importance of user participation, as well as architectural commissions.

3LHD was established in 1994, simultaneously with Croatia‘s political and economic transition, which extends to the present (with mostly arduous consequences for both the constructed environment and for creative architects), a global theoretical and practical debate was under way on the role and destiny of architecture. 3LHD transformed both circumstances into advantages, infiltrating itself into a building practice through the side door of interiors and residential houses, due to their understanding of architecture which is equally based on super modern terms such as ‚folding‘ and ‚event‘, but also on an understanding of the eclectic spirit of the time imprinted on the pages of popular magazines.

3LHD acquired its metier skills wholly independently from its beginnings, following a difficult but exciting path under constant pressure from the laws of market transition. 3LHD developed a specific method of communication with investors at the intersection of cognitive and behavioural psychology and the complicated process of automobile production, which is based on the elaboration of patterns of effective expectations and achieved results. A pattern is a kind of „premarital contract“ which makes design easier for the Studio and ensures a creative manipulative space, and the investor is guaranteed the achievement of wishes under the assumption that he understands them clearly from the beginning and that they were made in mutual agreement.