Cave von Cane-line



Designer Jesper K. Thomsen
Einführungsjahr 2012
Architonic ID 1203574

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Cave swing is a new interpretation of the Classic swing sofas used all over the world. Our assignment to the designer Jesper K. Thomsen was to create a swing sofa with clear references to the Classic swing, yet with a new contemporary look and timeless lines. The chosen colour concept allows the sculptural design to be visible and pleasant for the eye, without smothering the architectural context it is a part of.
The design process has also focused on solving practical challenges, therefore the swing comes with All-weather cushions. These can be tied to the sofa with a strap especially designed for this purpose. This insures that the cushions stay in place when the swing sofa is not in use, and have a chance to dry if exposed to a rain shower. The roof and swingsofa is designed in our new "flake weaving" style with wide contemporary Cane-line fibres, which create a unique variation in the surfaces and allow for easy cleaning.
Cave swing is tested to 300 kg/660 pounds under normal use. Note that Cane-line recommends that small children are kept under supervision when using the swing. The Cave swing can stay outside in you garden or terrace all year around, however, it is recommended to either mount it to a stable surface or place it in a location where strong winds are not present.
Combine the Cave swing sofa with our On-the-Move side tables in white and taupe for an harmonious look.

B 216 x T 139 x H 193
(Sitz: 48, Armlehne: 67) cm

Runde 2 mm Cane-line-Faser

Designer: Jesper K. Thomsen

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