simple and pure shapes for a new concept of space as a place that enhances soul, where design and matter neutrality let the being to express itself. the individual is the only real hero. a language deprived of disorder, surplus and excesses. the value of vacuum and simplicity henry timi projects have not only the purpose of their duties, but also a whisper to the contemplation of the beauty of materials, shapes and functions, using natural materials to revert to the pristine state of things. monochromatic and single materials elements build objects over trends sought sensitivity to design the unusual things. making products out of the consumerism logics, looking for harmony and no time balance a way of behaving, living, being.
simple, rigorous and fair man
he deletes any inauthentic and misleading thing around him refusing the unnecessary and excess
he continually seeks a meaning
he looks at the world through new eyes
he thinks about what to build, and he builds to think better
he invents new problems looking at old ones in a new way continuously feeding a sense of challenge against himself of curiosity about what surrounds him
he preaches simplicity as a designer and he feels the need, as a businessman, to provide to the market, what he cannot hear, see or touch. in his works you find a serene and ambitious passion.
he lives and works in Milan.
the foundations of excellence are built by sensitive minds and hands; tailor and craftsman manufacturing of the highest quality; hand made in Italy; competences, skills, and wisdom of experienced hands combined with sophisticated materials and technologies give rise to HENRYTIMI projects and objects.
by intuition, passion, creativity and rigour continuity, discipline, concreteness and will with love respect and proudness
I summarize and I develop objects with a ..


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