Lillian Öberg Familien

Lillian Öberg Design is a furniture manufacturer based in a southern region of Sweden, Skåne. We have been producing high quality furniture since 1996 and we have always kept the same focus, to make them last. Long lasting furniture and items are an art form of their own. Function, form and finish must be chosen with the future in mind. A good way of forecasting the future is to look at the past. This is why we use local producers with a tradition of quality and craftsmanship to create our furniture.
We strive to give our pieces a design that will endure the future whilst maintaining the heritage of aesthetic traditions from our region. Having a local production gives us many advantages such as quality control and environmental profits. This allows us to achieve the best result in all areas of the process. We believe that by creating good and long lasting products, we can contribute to a more sustainable society and a better environment.


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