COTTING Group Familien

Cotting is a brand that was created in 2007 with the joining of four induction companies of the same group, Mecaseat (Gorvi in Spain, Griffine in France, Mecapol in Poland and Plastibert in Belgium).
4 European companies with a common sales force.
Owing to its experience, Cotting is the European recognized leader for coated fabrics. Thanks to its creativity, flexibility, Cotting can develop materials, colors and finishings for lots of various applications.
With laboratories, production, sales and marketing all over Europe: Cotting guarantees you the best performance and quality, meeting most internationals standards for the flame retardancy, always with respect for the environment.
over 7000 item available from stock
Unique and wide range of coated fabrics
Worldwide network of agents and distributors.


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