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EMU was founded in 1951 in the Italian region of Umbria as a result of a wealth of knowledge and skill acquired in the metalworks sector. Thanks also to its know-how of technology, the company became a leader in the sector of outdoor furniture during the 1980’s and 1990’s. In 2005, EMU President and co-founder Riccardo Biscarini and LVMH luxury goods group (L Capital investment fund) repositioned the brand on the market. In 2011, the year that marked the 60th anniversary of the company’s founding, a new phase began for EMU: Fondo Opera took over the company with the main objective of further developing the entrepreneurial project of re-launching it through (among other things) the reinforcement of company capital.
As a reverse trend in comparison with the recent pressures of delocalization, production of metal furniture is deeply embedded within the factory at Marsciano whose 70,000 square metres host about 150 employees. The quality of the furniture is guaranteed by a “made in Italy” production and EMUS’s commitment to the sector of technological research through constant studies of materials and production techniques. This commitment involves continuous and progressive improvement of its know-how of metalworking, an area in which the company has always been proud to state its excellence and worldwide recognition.
Thanks to the diversification of its lines and its considerable manufacturing capacity, EMU is the only company to cover an extremely wide bracket of the market which spans from large-scale retail trade to the market’s highest segments. Product lines include seats, tables, loungers, relaxation areas, living rooms and accessories which are available in a variety of materials - from metal and aluminium to wicker and teak – to satisfy any demands of price and design.
Contract use, the strategic sector of the company dedicated to collective use, has brought collaborations with an international flair into ..


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