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Planika, the long line of fire technology leader
Biofireplaces by Planika, the worldwide leader in the long line of fire technology, are the perfect solution for everybody searching of aesthetic and useful ideas for one’s interior. Our way to succeed is to create models that corresponds to the form of the modern lifestyle. Each product consists not only of a great design but also the smokeless eco-friendly technology.
Planika’s fireplaces may be located practically everywhere, without need for complicated and expensive installations, connecting to chimney flues and periodic maintenance works. Thank to that, the fireplaces are extremely functional. Planika Fires has already succeeded in more than 60 countries all over the world. You can find completed projects e.g. in Hilton Hotels, Kempinski, The Shilla Hotel, Beau Rivage, Grand Palais, Strand Hotel.
Push button fireplaces for areas with technical limitations
Due to the advanced technology, Planika offers a new functionality to already existing fireplaces and provides the possibility to have real fire in small apartments, block of flats, everywhere where a traditional fireplace is unattainable. All the products from ‘Push Button Fireplaces’ collection are equipped with intelligent control panels. They allows intuitive operation and easy adjustment of the fireplace according to one’s needs (ECO mode/ NORMAL mode)
WiFi controlled fireplaces
Among all the Planika products, special attention should be paid to a revolutionary automatic biofireplace – Fire Line Automatic 3 (FLA3). The ‘Intelligent Fire” technique and BEV® technology applied determine the optimal fuel combustion process and allow remote control of the device. It ensures intuitive operation and safety that is ahead of the competition. This unique high-quality insert is suitable for building in a wall or a piece of furniture and it is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled electronic system. ..


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