Haute Material Kollektionen

29 years devoted to the wood. These few words would be enough to synthesize the life of a man
that has been able to turn a great passion in a successful enterprise, by using a quality free of any commercial logic as the driving force of his work.
Fundamental at this stage is the encounter with Renato Geraci, a witty creative artist that already determined the success of many excellent brands. Giuseppe’s whole project is thus reassessed, integrated and finally collocated under a brand that, while respecting and enhancing the project’s origins, sets down the conditions to reach the top levels.
That’s how the HM brand comes to life joining together the two souls of Pruneri’s creations- the simple material which is the basis of all his works and the refined design. Pruneri’s collections are exposed for the first time under the Haute Material brand during the “Abitare il Tempo” Fair in Verona in September 2008. The success of this event is worldwide and further confirms Giuseppe’s genius intuition.


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