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Erba was founded in the Fifties in the heart of Brianza and stands as a model of harmonic blending of tradition and business spirit, aiming chiefly at the international market.
The Company has grown over the years, thanks to the closely cooperation with Giorgio Soressi, the designer of the entire collection and Art Director of the Company, and is now seen as a landmark for refined, innovative design in Italy too. Each piece is born from the essence of en idea and then transformed into substance, living in perfect harmony with the space around. Design and technological innovation are the main elements that distinguish the company. The careful choice of the materials, the attention to details, the exclusive collection of fabrics and leathers, the uniqueness of the lines and shapes, create a continuous link between inspiration and passion.
Erba has a large collection of sofas, armchairs, chaises longues and modular elements. Plenty of ideas for those who want to create a new living space where comfort and beauty go hand in hand.


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