Ceil-In Kollektionen

Ceil-in is specialized in the development, production and marketing of innovative solutions for ceilings and walls.
Thanks to its patented revolutionary system, Ceil-in ® offers both, a solution of fast and flexible installation and a visual masking of the Metalware T24. Adaptable both new construction and in renovation, Ceil-in ® products offer the best guarantees in terms of fire resistance (Standardized Euro class B-s2, d0) and in Application areas terms of health risk, due to their technology guaranteeing perfect insulation and sealing components to prevent any dispersion of airborne particles according to standard NF EN 13964/A1 effective in 2012. Fully designed, developed and manu-factured in France, Ceil-in ® solutions can integrating all the necessary technical elements in your ceilings and walls: light, sound, heating, ventilation, ...
Quality, integration of new materials, important choice of colors, customization of the products Ceil-in ®
... All those available options can point to a significant number of architectural possibilities. With Ceil-in ®, " Free to imagine the impossible."


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