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Azucena is born of dialogue between the producer, architect, artisans and clients. Its origins date back to 1947, when a group of young Milanese architects - Luigi Caccia Diminioni, Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua, Ignazio Gardella, Maria Teresa and Franca Tosi - decided to manufacture their own furniture in order to compile a catalogue of furnishing items (for everything from sofas to tables, door handles, and doorstops) for the houses they were designing. Their "experimental" furniture and design objects were very different from customary furnishings. They made bold use of new materials, often combining them with traditional materials, with surprising results. The production process was, and is, both labour-intensive and complex because the pieces are made up of many components, some of which are manufactured industrially while others are crafted by artisans. Their use of lacquers, polished chrome-plated brass and crystal denotes a constant quest for light, luminescence and limpidity that causes them to favour materials, finishes and colours that shy away from the austere opacity of conventional interior design. Many of the pieces (Imbuto, Boccia, Fasce Cromate, Ventola, Toro) have been named according to a precise organic vision that focuses on their form or some inherent creative principle. Some (Arenzano, Sant'Ambrogio, San Siro) have been given the toponym of the project that they were originally designed for. The essence of each piece reflects a particular architectural paradigm that echoes its raison d'être. This is also visible in the many and varied materials and finishes, which are always selected for a given interior in conjunction with the architect and client. Although the materials and finishes are adapted for each individual project, care is taken to ensure that the character of theoriginal furnishings is perpetuated. Productionof the vast collection of some 150 unique items, many of which are over 50 years old, is entrusted to highly skilled ..


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