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ARLEX was founded in 1963 to provide quality home furniture at competitive prices. It increased its range with office furniture in 1984, when the whole company's vocation to service was strengthened definitively. One of the most crucial elements for a company is its reputation, and being known as a company that is interested in more than just numbers, a company that creates value; this is what sets us apart from other companies that only work in manufacturing. This is the vision that inspires ARLEX in its environmental policy, and the reason why it created a sustainable manufacturing chain which achieved ISO 14001 certification in 2006. ARLEX doesn't think that consumers should be seduced by a brand; it should be a symbol of robustness reflecting the company's guarantees. The ARLEX brand represents a foundation of technical know-how and a credible reputation. It is the stamp that identifies us as part of a business culture based on honest work and integral processes. The ARLEX brand is in itself a symbol of the desire to complete a project that unites product value with customer satisfaction. Our brand is the starting point of our business philosophy, but it is also the flag we want to fly in relation to all our goals.
ARLEX has a plot of 35,000 m², out of which 14,000 are covered by a manufacturing plant with state-of-the-art technological machinery and comprehensive computerised management. As a result, practically all the manufacturing processes, from the selection and preparation of raw materials to the final packaging of the finished product, are internal and controlled by our quality department.
Quality is the basis of all ARLEX's work, and its achievement is so internalised that it has become the company's fundamental pillar of production. It is used as a starting point to develop characteristics and features that define all of our products. From the selection stage during raw material purchasing to the delivery of the finished product to ..


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