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VIA Bodenbeläge / Teppiche
Via cement tiles

In the best tradition, each tile is manufactured individually. Marble powder, white cement and pure colour pigments are mixed together. This mixture is filled up with a supporting layer and pressed under high pressure. In this way solid 18 or 13 mm thick and extremely durable tiles with a colour and wear layer of about 3 mm are produced. Multicoloured pattern tiles are manufactured with meticulously worked templates. Here also, all colour layers are a few millimeters thick. Through this manufacturing process, VIA tiles achieve their typical, unmistakable characteristics. A silky even surface, beautifully iridescent colours and slightly uneven borders. Despite their gently appearing surface, VIA tiles are extremely durable. Due to their anti-slip qualities ( R9) they are highly suitable for wet rooms, such as bathrooms, halls and entrance areas. VIA tiles in the standard sizes 10 x 10 cm and 20 x 20 cm are available in 17 colours ex works. This also holds for dekor-tiles. Special colours and sizes are available upon request. VIA is also glad to provide exclusive templates according to specific wishes.

Produktgruppe: Elastische Bodenbeläge Harte Bodenbeläge Bodenelemente Wandverkleidung
Designer: Antoni Gaudi
Mainzerstrasse 33-35
55422, Bacharach
Phone: +49 677 4918350
Fax: +49 677 4918351