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Torremato Dekorative Leuchten Technische Leuchten Aussenleuchten
Torremato comes from an acronym of the name of the family owning the company, a unique and unrepeatable denomination for a brand that intends to draw a new creative path, making illuminating devices that employ a stimulating and contemporary language.

The debut Torremato collection includes pieces with great aesthetic and functional quality, for interior designing and for the garden, suitable both for home and contract environment.

The impression one gets from the whole project is an idea of great materiality , a kaleidoscope of formal and emotional illuminating solutions for new and multi-sensorial atmospheres where Cor-ten, a material historically processed by the company, combines with wood and paints and discovers original finishes.

Creativity has strong and primordial materials as an emblem, primarily natural, that give captivating and immediately emphatic illuminating objects.
Torremato Dekorative Leuchten Technische Leuchten Aussenleuchten

Produktgruppe: Gartensitzmöbel Gartenleuchten Standleuchten Pendelleuchten Wandleuchten LED-Leuchten Wandanbauleuchten Pendelleuchten Bodenaufbauleuchten Strahler LED-Leuchten Platz- / Straßenleuchten
Designer: Christian Piccolo Enzo Berti brogliatotraverso Cristina Celestino Francesco Ciulli Laura Cocchis Paolo Dell'Elce Riccardo Furlanetto Claudio Piccini Brian Rasmussen Fabio Schiavetto Studio Klass
Via Bredariol Olivo 15
31048, San Biagio di Callalta (TV)
Phone: +39 0422 895200
Fax: +39 0422 895110
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