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Scab Design Wohnmöbel Büromöbel / Objektmöbel Garten / Terrasse
SCAB is a historic company specialized in home and contract furniture.

Founded in 1957, it has always been oriented towards innovation, attention to design and production and research into highly advanced technologies. Established on the Italian and international market, it exclusively offers Italian-made products to guarantee uniqueness and reliability. Investments in technological and aesthetic research together with quality of service are the principles on which SCAB has been based for more than 50 years.

Thanks to its long experience in the treatment of thermoplastic materials, the company can offer a wide range of furniture with excellent design as well as a typically Italian style: simple, original and evocative. A complete line of comfortable and resistant chairs, tables and stools for the home or the hospitality industry. SCAB has a team of architects, designers, engineers and specialized consultants who can follow every single product through the whole cycle of production. Quality and safety are the distinguishing features of SCAB.

The items included in the Design range have been designed and produced in collaboration with the CATAS testing laboratory. Full recognition for quality has been given to SCAB by Bayer, by granting us a licence to use the Makrolon trade mark on all products produced by us in polycarbonate.

Produktgruppe: Sitzmöbel Tische Bürostühle Konferenz- / Besprechungsmöbel Wartemöbel / Loungemöbel Sitzmöbel / Sitzsysteme Mehrzweckmöbel Gastronomie Gartensitzmöbel Gartentische
Designer: Alberto Arter Arter & Citton Luisa Battaglia Centro Stile Scab Fabrizio Citton Mark Robson Roberto Semprini
Scab Design
Via G. Monauni, 12
25030, Coccaglio (BS)
Phone: +39 030 7718 611
Fax: +39 030 7718 700
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