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Tell the history of the life and the values of a man through the objects which acquires and holds (detains).
Based in 2007, our company is specialized in the conception and the realization of contemporary furniture high-end “roto moulé”.
Our mark is characterized by the will to create furniture which surprises, of part its sculptural forms, its originality and its comfort while remaining very functional and ergonomic. Minimalist, sober and contemporary inspiration we are an innovative company in our domain. We work in association with designers who bring each their personalities and their vision of the design to our company.
Each of our products becomes integrated perfectly into the space. Always in connection with the nature. Fluid lines everything in sharpness and sculptural forms, them do not distort the environment and offer a stimulating space. We offer wide ranges of products quite more original the some than the others. The material which we use, the polyethylene is a completely renewable and environment-friendly material which allows us to shape quite our products.
Qui est Paul? Wohnmöbel Büromöbel / Objektmöbel Garten / Terrasse Dekorative Leuchten Wohn- / Büroaccessoires

Produktgruppe: Sitzmöbel Relaxmöbel Tische Aufbewahrung Kinderzimmermöbel Wartemöbel / Loungemöbel Sitzmöbel / Sitzsysteme Mehrzweckmöbel Gastronomie Bibliotheksmöbel Kindergartenmöbel Gartensitzmöbel Gartentische Garten-Lounge Gartenleuchten Bepflanzung Gartenaccessoires Standleuchten Badmöbel Sitzmöbel / Relaxmöbel Wohn- / Büroaccessoires Stadtmöblierung Stadtbegrünung
Designer: Arnaud Anseeuw Birds for Design Alessandro Calogero Francesc Crous CrousCalogero Alain Gilles Martijn Prins Eric Raffy Cédric Ragot
Qui est Paul?
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16700, Ruffec
Phone: +33-(0)545 303 034
Fax: +33-(0)545 307 770
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