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Paviom Öffentlicher Raum Dekorative Leuchten Aussenleuchten
Paviom was born of a passion for lighting. A belief that light should enhance an environment not pollute it, and that lighting is at its best when we barely notice it. From passion evolved a philosophy, core values, a shape and structure for what we wanted to be.

We are an architectural lighting company, our products are predominantly outdoor in origin but we choose not to be confined by imaginary barriers.

Our products respect the environment and we champion the need for sustainability. Our ethical approach takes a holistic view of eco-design. By commissioning independent designers and sourcing exclusive collections from across the world, Paviom is able to offer a continually evolving range of fresh ideas.

Service is a byword, quality is there to be measured, technical authority will not be found wanting. We are UK based but not restricted by national borders.
At Paviom we intend to do things differently.

Produktgruppe: Bodenleuchten Pendelleuchten Wandleuchten Deckenleuchten Wandeinbauleuchten Bodeneinbauleuchten Strahler Fluter LED-Leuchten Spezialleuchten Langfeldleuchten Wandanbauleuchten Wandeinbauleuchten Deckenanbauleuchten Bodenaufbauleuchten Bodeneinbauleuchten Strahler Scheinwerfer LED-Leuchten Fassadenleuchten Platz- / Straßenleuchten Fassadenleuchten Platz- / Straßenleuchten
Designer: Terence Woodgate
Paviom Limited
The Beehive, City Place
RH6 0PA, Gatwick
Phone: +44 1293 804688
Fax: +44 1293 804689
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