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Odesi Wohnmöbel Büromöbel / Objektmöbel Dekorative Leuchten
Odesi is both a brand - where dutch designers create remarkable furniture - and an exclusive online store. 
Our full collection is displayed on our website and on leading interior and design websites such as here, on Architonic.
We are an internet-operating company focused on serving consumers worldwide, directly from our website.
Without retailers in The Netherlands nor abroad we are able to ship to almost any country in the world.

Ordering directly on the website is available in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, and more country's will follow.
Shipment to other country's then mentioned is entirely possible, but on a request and quotation basis.
We believe that without any retailers we are able to provide the best quality and exclusivity for our customers.
With this unique approach we have gained satisfied customers spread over all continents of the world.

Produktgruppe: Sitzmöbel Tische Aufbewahrung Multimediamöbel Bürostühle Konferenz- / Besprechungsmöbel Wartemöbel / Loungemöbel Sitzmöbel / Sitzsysteme Gastronomie Altenpflegemöbel Krankenhausmöbel Tischleuchten Bodenleuchten Pendelleuchten
Designer: Castor Bours Marjolein Kap Ronald Knol Phebe Lillian Kees Marcelis Remy Meijers Paul Nederend Marc Th. van de Voorn
Odesi. dutch design online
Lulofsstraat 55
2521 AL, The Hague
Phone: +31 70 389 88 59