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NEOZ is a lighting design and manufacturing company based in Sydney, Australia specializing in Cordless Lamps and Cordless lighting systems for commercial, hospitality and home environments worldwide.

Headed by Industrial designer Peter Ellis and with over 25 years of experience, NEOZ strives to design and manufacture quality products that will be beneficial to people and their environment and has been recognised with several Australian Design Awards, Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia Awards and a Red Dot Design Award for its innovative lighting systems.

The Cordless Lighting concept pioneered by NEOZ since 1995 is now enjoyed in over 80 countries from the Ritz Hotel in London to the Jazz on Lincoln in New York and the Quai Branly Museum in Paris.
Neoz Lighting Garten / Terrasse Dekorative Leuchten Aussenleuchten
Neoz Lighting Garten / Terrasse Dekorative Leuchten Aussenleuchten

Introducing the NEOZ V4 Cordless Table Lamp System – be seen in the best light.

The NEOZ V4 is the world’s first Lithium ion powered rechargeable Cordless lighting system for Table Lamps and Illuminated furniture. Australian-designed and engineered to the highest standard for continual commercial use NEOZ rechargeable cordless lamps allow complete freedom and flexibility, giving unmatched performance and beautiful light diffusion with a halogen bulb, the best light source for true colour rendering* of skin tones and food textures(*Colour Rendering Index CRI 100%).

NEOZ Lamps are designed for simplicity of use in both commercial and home environments. At home when a Lamp sits on the base station it will illuminate using mains power and also recharge the battery while the on/off and dimming functions can be simply controlled by rotating the Lamp.

For commercial use a range of reliable easy to use base stations, storage bars, trays and trolley charging platforms are available. The patented NEOZ V4 Cordless Lamp System features the world’s most reliable and durable components – with all parts replaceable and a 3 year warranty.

Acknowledged for providing the finest lighting ambience, the quality and environmental design of NEOZ V4 Cordless Lamps has resulted in numerous awards, including two prestigious Australian Design Awards and most recently the Red Dot Design Award for product design.

With increased light time (up to 33 hours fully charged), diffuser options, choice of battery pack capacities, as well as dimming and special candle modes, all at the touch of a button, the V4 will provide the finest ambience for your environment – night after night, year after year wherever you are in the world.
Neoz Lighting Garten / Terrasse Dekorative Leuchten Aussenleuchten
Neoz Lighting Garten / Terrasse Dekorative Leuchten Aussenleuchten

Produktgruppe: Gartensitzmöbel Tischleuchten Bodenleuchten LED-Leuchten Spezialleuchten Gartenleuchten
Designer: Jackie Chan Tammy Chiew Peter Ellis Henrietta Gothe-Ellis Tessa Kennedy Paul Morris David Skelley Gabriel Tam
Neoz Lighting
20 Tepko Road
NSW 2084, Terrey Hills
Phone: +61 298 10 55 20
Fax: +61 295 55 10 54
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