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Marset Dekorative Leuchten Technische Leuchten Aussenleuchten
Innovation and research have been the two main objectives of Marset’s collection. Applying technical precision and creativity to discover new functions and provide other uses, Marset looks to the future, but also to the side, observing its closest and furthest surroundings, valuing what has already been achieved.

The different models in the Marset collection are a result of this restless, multi-directional perspective, of the curiosity and capacity to imagine what the future holds.

Our lighting collection focuses on a design marked by authenticity, on a simplicity suffused with meaning, or on an integral decorative factor with an understated appearance. It stands out for its approach towards light with all of its different nuances and effects, to create ambiances with character.

These are lamps designed to provide contemporary lighting for different types of spaces. Designs that also include the invisible but discernible component that connects us with a shared, imaginary realm.

Produktgruppe: Gartenleuchten Tischleuchten Standleuchten Pendelleuchten Kronleuchter Wandleuchten Deckenleuchten Wandeinbauleuchten Deckeneinbauleuchten Strahler Retail-Leuchten LED-Leuchten Lichtsysteme Spezialleuchten Langfeldleuchten Wandanbauleuchten Deckenanbauleuchten Pendelleuchten LED-Leuchten Platz- / Straßenleuchten Gartenleuchten Badleuchten Badspiegel Retail-Leuchten Platz- / Straßenleuchten
Designer: Inma Bermúdez Javier M. Borrás Uli Budde Cristian Diez Fabien Dumas Joan Gaspar Mathias Hahn Lagranja Daniel López Xavier Mañosa Mashallah Design Christophe Mathieu Antonio Miró Lluis Porqueras Francesc Rifé Ruben Saldaña Estudio Sputnik Jakob Timpe Joan Verdugo
Alfonso XII 429-431
08918, Badalona (Barcelona)
Phone: +34 93 4600107
Fax: +34 93 4601089
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