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Based in the heart of an area in Northern Italy which is world famous for the production of furniture, LEMA designs and manufactures furnishing systems aimed at making space more comfortable, rational and efficient. Its creations can be found in the homes of thousands of people who are receptive to quality and design, although LEMA is also present in hotels, offices, community homes, residences, banks and insurance companies. Born from a strong tradition of craftsmanship, in the 1970’s LEMA began to develop on an industrial scale, consolidating its role as a leading player in furnishing for homes, hotels and offices. LEMA’s keys to success are the quality of its products and the coherence between design and the finished product. In order to preserve these characteristics that have defined its success, LEMA is one of the very few furnishing companies which operates an integrated production cycle, from the cutting of the panels to the preparation of the wood veneers, the lacquering and the personalization of each piece. An integral part of the manufacturing facility is the LEMA planning and development centre. This leading-edge laboratory for product and process innovation is involved in researching materials, engineering planning, design, technologies, production processes and marketing strategies. LEMA is an international company and is associated with the best contemporary designers such as Piero Lissoni, the company’s art director.

LEMA is proud to still regard itself as a family company, despite it being a market leader with estimated revenue of 80 million for 2008. The Meroni family have been directing the company for three generations, first with Carla and Luigi and today with their children and grandchildren.
This characteristic of the company has guaranteed a sound entrepreneurial vision and a coherent development founded on respect for the client, innovation and the development of new products and new markets. The LEMA management tackle the challenges of the highly competitive global market through the careful and precise exploitation of its capital of skills and long experience as well as through the continuous contribution of new competencies and ongoing training of employees and partners.

The Meroni family founds LEMA, after having produced home furnishings since the 1950’s. Using avant-garde principles and with a brand new and innovative management style, production is started in the manufacturing plant designed by Angelo Mangiarotti at Alzate Brianza in the north of Italy. LEMA is the first Italian company to design and manufacture integrated furnishing systems, organizing the entire production cycle from the arrival of the raw materials to the packing of the finished product.

Tito Agnoli designs Lo Scaffale, the first Italian free standing wall shelving system produced on an industrial scale in a variety of finishes. The fact that it is perfectly adaptable to different needs and styles guarantees its success.

The “Armadio al Centimetro” is born, a modular made-to-measure wardrobe system constituting another important step in establishing LEMA on the market.

LEMA brings the Lemacolorsystem to the market; a range of 36 original colours created by Paolo Minoli.

This year sees the opening of the Giussano facility, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti. International Office Concept is born in order to offer the market a complete and varied collection of furnishing for the contemporary office.

Piero Lissoni becomes the company art director. 1995 - The Milano Furniture Fair sees the presentation of Selecta, a new modular system characterized by its extreme flexibility.

“Armadio al Centimetro” is completely renewed in order to offer an extremely customizable product allowing one to take full advantage of the space available.

“Cabina Armadio” is created, a system whereby the finishes, sizes, doors and internal fittings can be chosen on the basis of the one’s taste and available space.

The range of modular systems is widened with the appearance of the TM20 system. N.E.T. is born, the collection of accessories designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

The line of Night and Day accessories is expanded. With over 250 employees, LEMA becomes one of the leading Italian producers of furnishing systems.

The Contract Division is created to accommodate the large international orders.

Tazebao is born, the most extensive range of furnishing solutions for children currently present on the market.

In order to consolidate and acquire new world markets, LEMA implements a marketing policy aimed at ever improving service and a cosmopolitan image.

Cooperation with prestigious names from the Italian design world is extended and Roberto Lazzeroni and Studio Kairos are engaged to create new projects.

Roberto Barbieri and Marc Sadler begin their collaboration with Lema

Lema presents T 030, the new day system designed by Piero Lissoni.

The manufacturing plant is emblematic of a company philosophy: an attractive, functional and safe environment. Designed by Angelo Magiarotti in 1970, this innovative production plant covers an area of 30,000 m2 in the region of Alzate Brianza and forms the home for the production of LEMA furnishing systems. Being competitive for LEMA means advanced technology, automation and rationalization of the manufacturing processes. It also means being attentive to client expectations, demanding the highest quality, meticulous finishes and a craftsman’s attention to detail.
It possesses the technological and human resources which are essential to the high volume production of furnishing systems, each of which is produced to respect the highest standards of quality.

Built in 1992, it was also designed by Angelo Mangiarotti and hosts the made-to-order production in premises covering 18,000 m2 at Giussano. The LEMA development and planning Centre is also based there. It blends the most advanced technologies with traditional craftsmanship. Here the knowledge of an age-old craft merges with the most advanced testing of materials, engineering solutions, production technologies and business strategies. This combination generates new LEMA products along with small series productions and individual pieces created for specific projects.

Contract Business Solution supplies skills and services to realize custom-made products. It was created in 2004 in order to organize and manage the large international orders within a planned and autonomous business structure. Work is divided on specific projects, maintaining close contact with architects and business people. The results of the testing on designs and technologies, which are crucial to obtaining leading-edge project and production solutions in terms of quality, price, longevity, ease of maintenance and assembly, can also be successfully applied to the production processes in other departments and to product series.

Founded in 1992, International Office Concept deals with the design and production of furnishing collections for offices. Under the artistic direction of Castiglia Associati, this company has acquired the skill to develop functional and technological solutions which can adapt to changes in civic and workplaces: It is now recognised internationally and its creations include executive workstations (Bonifacio), operational workstations (Freeway, Go), partition walls (Reflex) and containers (Armadi and Freecontainer).

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Designer: Werner Aisslinger Shay Alkalay Cairoli & Donzelli Piergiorgio Cazzaniga Christopher Coombes Studio Charlie Alessandro Dubini Cristiana Giopato Gordon Guillaumier Ferruccio Laviani Roberto Lazzeroni Johan Lindstén Piero Lissoni David Lopez Quincoces Lucidi Pevere Carlo Marelli Marelli&Molteni Yael Mer Massimo Molteni Nendo Neri & Hu Toan Nguyen Matteo Nunziati Ludovica Palomba Roberto Palomba Christophe Pillet Vittorio Prato Francesco Rota Studio Kairos Tokujin Yoshioka
Strada Statale Briantea 2
22040, Alzate Brianza (Como)
Phone: +39 031 630 990
Fax: +39 031 632 492
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