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ILIDE Dekorative Leuchten
ILIDE is an Italian lighting company which exclusively
produces in Italy. ILIDE’s collection products are the result
of synergies between a contemporary design and an innovative high quality craftsmanship.
The identity of ILIDE lamps resides in the real Made in Italy which is the outcome of collaborations between Italian designers and artisans skilled in working with different materials: glass, ceramics, wood, marble; in constantly researching of unique values to turn into light.
ILIDE designers are all high-level professionals and selected, for the first time, in 2010 at a design contest which had more than 1000 participants coming from every part of Italy and only twenty of them were selected. Twenty designers and twenty qualified artisans together to generate the real creative and productive heart of the company.
ILIDE Dekorative Leuchten

Produktgruppe: Tischleuchten Standleuchten Pendelleuchten Wandleuchten Deckenleuchten LED-Leuchten
Designer: Mariastella Aloia Davide Giulio Aquini Orietta Ceccato Marco Comincini Andrea Costa Luisa Finos Nicolò Gessa Daniele Gualeni Fabio Meliota Gianluca Minchillo Andrea Santarossa Paolo Tarulli Flavio Unia Nahuel Matias Vega
ILIDE - italian light design
via m. d'antona, 18
25030, Pompiano, Brescia
Phone: +39 030 9460280
Fax: +39 030 9460280
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