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Faro Dekorative Leuchten Technische Leuchten
FARO BARCELONA is a company founded in 1986 and focused on the design, manufacturing and marketing of lighting devices.

Along its life, FARO BARCELONA has evolved towards the diversifiaction of its ranges of products, the internationalization of its markets and the creation of its own collections with the mission of becoming a global supplier.

On this track for global development, we launch into the market our line of technical and professional lighting with a range of products selected accurately and focused on giving aesthetic, efficient and profitable solutions on installations and also, comitted with the environment.

We trust that the range of products we present satisfies the multiple lighting demands of any architectural project.

Produktgruppe: Kleinmöbel / Ergänzungen Tischleuchten Standleuchten Pendelleuchten Wandleuchten Deckenleuchten Deckeneinbauleuchten Strahler LED-Leuchten Lichtsysteme Möbelleuchten Langfeldleuchten Wandanbauleuchten Pendelleuchten Strahler LED-Leuchten Fassadenleuchten Platz- / Straßenleuchten Gartenleuchten Lüftung / Klima Platz- / Straßenleuchten
Designer: Carles Gonzalez Pepe Llaudet Manel Lluscà Estudi Ribaudi
Faro (Lorefar S.L.)
Calle Dinámica 1 (Polígono Industrial Santa Rita)
08755, Castellbisbal (Barcelona)
Phone: +34 937 723 967
Fax: +34 937 720 018
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